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I am recognizing at the different intersections. The different places in life where people ask for commentary on my lived experiences.

When given, it’s 1 of 2 actions. The non-reaction/ghosting action or someone trying to tell you how to live your life reaction. Either way it goes, both actions are very invalidating.

So when people say I need to, “Speak up and/or do more,” I do it through action with purpose and personal values. At the same time, I’m not going to run myself into the ground. I’ve done this too many times in my life. Only to be chewed up and spitted out by some.

Meanwhile, my body and mind says to me, “Did we really have to go through this again?”

Are my actions loud? Does grab the attention of most? Is it “make sure I’m seen?” The answer is no to all of those questions and more.

The ones that need to notice will. I hope my actions can help others; so that can decide on where how to go in life. To help find their purpose and meaning in their lives.

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