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photography & writing

The photography and writing I practice in is from a mindful/contemplative place. It is not so much about the type of photo lenses being used, what mediums I am writing on, etc. The techniques are focused on presence, space, patience, and soft intention.

What may seem like a regular everyday writing or image can have symbolic meaning, if the individual is willing to synchronize what is going on around them. Meaning allowing one’s self to be curious, listening to intuition, observing what is going on internally and externally, and coming from a place of compassion. Not forcing something to happen.

Does this mean that the words or images are going to be perfect every time? No. But this is what makes the beauty comes alive. Being with those imperfections, gathering and observing from those places. Being willing to share the stories and images of vulnerability. Having emotion come through on text or what is being seen.

We all have stories to share and tell. Deeply important and helpful to ourselves and each other. In effect, helping to create change on a microcosmic and macro-cosmic level.

These are the core values of my work. Influenced by Maya Angelou, Mary Oliver, Satya Robyn, Fred Rogers (yes, Mr. Rogers), Rumi, Hafiz, the work from humanistic and existential psychology, grief and thanatology, kintsugi and wabi-sabi, eastern philosophies, nature, mindfulness, and so much more. Including the children’s book The Little Prince.

You can find some of my published works elsewhere here.

iron statue of angel with right hand uplifted towards the sky
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