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spiraled sea turtle

The meaning of the double spirals:

  • To represent a balance between 2 opposites.
  • Meaning that both can exist at the same time and during different phases of life.
  • Examples of this can include life and death, the opposing seasons, and hot and cold.

The turtle represents a few characteristics.

  • Remember to slow down in life. Take in the colors, flavors, sounds, touch, and smells that life has to offer.
  • My nickname, by some, is called “Turtle.” This is due to how fast I move because of my chronic illnesses and disabilities. I have never been a runner; not even when I was a child. Plus, I use a mobility aid to help me ambulate. I have a name for this aid (rollator). It is called “Chariot.” You can see a photo of Chariot here.
  • Now, I’m a forearm crutches user.
  • Remember the old Aesop fable of “The Tortoise and the Hare?” If not, here is a link to it.
  • In order to make progress, we have to process first. Process and not too quickly.
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