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Overcoming or surviving

You see the hallmark stories of people overcoming their illness or disability. Getting the rise of fame, inspiration, and appeal.

What about the rest of us? The rest of us who try like hell to make through each day?

What we have are pain flares. Joints and muscles aching. Overwhelming distress, worry, and sadness appearing again. And again. And again.

If you overcome, people notice. Praise coming from the rooftops. The glitz and glory raining down like spring rain showers.

If you survive, people tell you how they couldn’t be in your shoes. Feeling sorry for you. Saying they would rather die than live life like you have to. The “sentiments” are like the bitter, bone-chillingly winter winds.

This means for those of us with mental and/or physical challenges, we don’t matter as much. We don’t fit the image or mold.

People wanting us to “get over it.” Stop pretending. Saying, “It’s not that bad.” When they have no idea what we have to go through to make it through the day.

Yet, we’re still here. Surviving in ways that others cannot understand…

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