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Disability Pride Month

My second life day happened last year during the COVID-19 pandemic (March 30). By the recommendation from my doctor and physical therapist, I got a rollator. There was a lot of grief, upheaval, shame, and anger.

Now, over a year have passed. I’m a lot more accepting of being disabled. Even as some people in my life cannot fathom, this mobility aid gives me independence. The stares, jokes, unwarranted recommendations, comparison to others, silence from others of not knowing what to say, and toxic positivity still occurs.

I’m not saying everyday is great. Some days are harder than others. Thinking and yearning about “what was.”

I do what I can with where I am at with what I have in any given moment in time. The word “disabled” comes out freely now.

This is me. Beyond the hardships, I am grateful for my health and the people in my life who “see me for me.”

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