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The last few weeks, months, and almost 2 years have been distressing. So many people from my hometown have died of COVID-19. The entire world is in a state of trauma in some form. Bickering and pointing fingers from people proving “to be right.”

Throughout all of this, I’ve been trying to maintain composure while a deep swell of grief is underneath. So dark and thick that it is hard to tell what color it is. It is like quicksand. Dark colors swirled together to make a color that I cannot describe with language.

Sometimes, we just need to nest. Nesting is going to look different to each individual. Nesting might mean being in nature. Being outside to see all of the different colors, themes, sights, and sounds that within earshot.

Nesting might look like cooking a meal for yourself and/or loved ones. Nesting might mean phoning up or having a video call with a friend. Nesting can also look like doing nothing. Being in a comfy spot in your home. Wrapped in a weighted blanket while looking out the window.

I recognize that everyone needs to nest every once in a while. While being still, what is it that we notice? What is it that we become aware of? Ourselves? Loved ones? Others? That there is a light that is far off in the distance that it can be seen? Yet, we recognize it’s a light nonetheless?

What does your nesting look like? How does it help you?

A bird's nest in a tree. It is made of pine straw and small twigs.
A bird’s nest in a tree. It is made of pine straw and small twigs.

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