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It’s time…

This post is a metaphor for what happens when a client gained the tools they need in counseling. Knowing how to live their lives; knowing what they need for themselves and others. Knowing that they do matter.

An injured juvenile crow landed at my doorstep. One of her wings is broken. She needs care. I help assist in her rehabilitation process. The crow might shy away at times. The crow might hide in places; so she is not found. 

I continue to assist in any way I can. The crow begins to trust me. Allowing me to be in the same space as her. The crow gains her strength. What she likes and what she does not like. Becoming more self-assured, self-reliant, and introspective. Learning more about herself while learning new skills.

The broken wing is now healed. When the time comes, the crow is ready to fly. Fly to wherever the journey takes her. I recognize that she is ready. Picking her up carefully, I take her outside when I first met her. There is a murder of crows in various trees. The crow calls to them. They answer by a reply.

I recognize it is time. I extend my arms outward. The crow looks at me. Then, she looks at the other crows. I tell her that it is okay. Nodding to her and she notices. If she ever needs to come back, I will be here.

The crow lets out a majestic caw. She takes off from my hands. Flying towards the blue sky with cirrus clouds. The other crows join her. A touching and heartfelt moment for me. And I believe the same is felt for her too. 

A photo of an American crow. Perched on the top of a tree. Blue sky is behind it.
American crow photo

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