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From the outside looking in…

  • Perspective-taking is important when there are multiple ones to look at.
  • Underneath anger, there is sadness and invalidation. Wanting to cover and hide away from those who hurt us.
  • Sometimes, you do not have to obey or answer a command, comment, or question right away. It and they can wait.
  • Self-preservation is not bad. It is only seen as bad by others who choose not to understand where we are coming from.
  • Needing space and silence is critically important for each day.
  • Other people’s stuff is not my stuff.
  • Jealousy has a hell of a way to show itself.
  • Bitterness will always show up on someone’s face.
  • You cannot let someone’s physical health and mental health come before yours.
  • Denial continually will make you look like a liar instead of a victim.
  • Being a nuisance is not getting back at someone. It makes you look like a fool instead.

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